Fast, Energy-Efficient, and Precise. Why does Laser Cutting Excite You Too?

A laser beam that oscillates over a profile until it elegantly cuts it exactly as planned in a few seconds. Laser cutting belongs to innovative methods of material processing in the automotive industry.

What other methods does it replace and why? What are the advantages of tube and profile laser cutting?

laser cutting

Advantage #1: ACCURACY

One of the main benefits of laser cutting is accuracy. Thanks to the high resolution and the ability to fine-tune the beam, exact cuts, and complex shapes can be achieved. Dividing and cutting materials with a laser is a highly productive method that guarantees accurate dimensions and excellent cut quality.

Advantage #2: SPEED leads to EFFICIENCY

The speed and efficiency of the entire process are characteristic of laser cutting. Cutting profiles with a laser replaces milling, punching & bandsaw cutting. The laser beam can move quickly over the surface of the material and perform cutting in a very short time. This means that production processes can be accelerated and overall productivity increased.

laser cutting


Laser cutting is energy efficient, using less energy than traditional material processing methods.

Are you wondering how laser cutting achieves a combination of such excellent properties? The principle of the fiber laser is the use of a concentrated laser beam, which is controlled by a computer and aimed at the profile surface. The laser beam energy is high enough to dissolve or vaporize the material at a given location, allowing for a precise and clean cut.

As for material possibilities, laser cutting can work with a wide range of materials, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and other metals. As a result, it finds its application in several industries, such as the automotive industry, agricultural technology, mechanical technology, racking, construction, and electronics production, where high quality and precision of production parts are required.

Tube and laser cutting with ALBAform

At ALBAform, we have one fiber laser cutting machine in our production facility in Atlanta. And we often go to see it because we love to see it in action. In general, there are not many companies equipped with such a laser machine in Georgia. So when local companies look for a supplier that has a fiber laser cutting machine, we are here for them — ready to help and establish long-term cooperation. Just give us a call.

Watch our laser in action in this Facebook reel.