Wires & Tubes
in Motion

An international company manufacturing innovative components for the Automotive, Agriculture and Aerospace industries.



Wire and Tube Forming

With our modern CNC bending machines, we can bend and form wire and tubes into a variety of shapes and sizes, based upon design specifications, all within the requirements unique to each customer. The CNC bending and forming process offers improved efficiency while producing in both quality and quantity the exact components needed by our customers. Throughout our history, we have supplied a wide range of wire-formed components to the automotive industry, expanding into the agricultural and aerospace industries.


Robotic Welding

The technological and innovative process of robotic welding offers increased accuracy and enhanced quality, while reducing the overall time needed to complete each component. We have extensive experience in the manufacturing of custom wire frames, components, and assemblies, utilizing high-tech welding robots for welding wire forms to semi-finished frames, allowing us to manufacture complex designs while accommodating high-volume production.


Frames and Weldments

We assemble the individual components, checking for quality, and weld into finished products according to customer specifications, ready for shipment. Our manufacturing production is tailored to meet the exact specifications of your industry needs.



Quality and Precision

Quality is more than a process, it’s our mindset. Our methods and tools ensure that we precisely measure according to exact specifications at each step of the process. This results in products that meet stringent safety standards set forth by industry guidelines, giving our customers assurance and peace of mind.


Knowledge and Innovation

Our foundation of knowledge and experience in the manufacturing industry positions us for flexibility and innovation. This allows us to stay current with the ever-changing market for cutting edge design, development, and production of wire and metal components, frames, and weldments.


Competence and Satisfaction

Our team of trained and experienced workers, professionals, and engineers are dedicated to quality production and service. We establish direct relationships with our customers, allowing us to solve problems and address issues as they arise, giving our customers confidence and satisfaction.