CNC wire and tube bending, robotic laser, welding services and custom wire assembly to meet the highest expectations of your customers in the automotive, heavy machinery, and e‑mobility industries. We find the manufacturing solutions that you are looking for when top quality and precise metal fabrication is number one for us.


  • With our high-technology CNC bending machines, we bend and form wires and tubes into a variety of shapes and sizes, based on design specifications, all within the requirements unique to each customer.


  • Our specialty in metal fabrication services is high-volume manufacturing production with a maximum focus on quality and on-time deliveries.




  • We have laser equipment fully capable of cutting thick gauge metal sheets, round tubes, square tubes, and rectangular or open profiles. To laser cut metal sheets,parts, we can work with Steel, Stainless Steel, or Aluminum.


  • Fiber-optic tube laser cutting is an ideal method for creating shapes or “features” on the body or edges of round, square, or rectangular tubes, and pipes. From medium to high volumes, this technique offers precision, speed, and flexibility. Robotic laser weldingLaser cutting in the automotive industry offers the advantage of being able to cut or etch different shapes in metal tubes or pipes which would be difficult if not impossible with a traditional vertical mill or drill press.




  • The technological and innovative process of automated robotic welding enables increased accuracy and enhanced quality while reducing the overall time needed to complete each metal component.


  • We use single or double high-tech Robotic welding cells to ensure the quality and stability of the metal welding process.
  • We do:
    • MIG/MAG welding
    • Resistance (Spot) Welding




  • We provide mechanical and electrical contract manufacturing services that result in custom flexible automotive manufacturing solutions.


  • Electrical and mechanical assembly and sub-assembly, high-volume precision cutting, metal processing, and finishing services from a trusted contract assembly and sub-assembly manufacturer equals manufacturing production with ultra-efficient production, reduced costs, eliminated waste, and increased speed. 


  • Our contract manufacturing services apply to the automotive industry but also aerospace, agriculture, marine, heavy machinery, and e‑mobility.
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  • For quality custom metal fabrication, we have the IATF 16949:2016 certification which is the highest quality requirement for the automotive industry.


  • We use the coordinate measuring machine HEXAGON ROEMER ARM that compares physical products to CAD model scanning up to 1.2 million points per second.


  •  We do electro-mechanical tension testing and work with cut-edge microscope systems while being responsible for corporate environmental and energy management with a minimum waste policy.


  • Transactions are controlled and guided by our ERP/WMS system HELIOS Inuvio which follows FIFO, Sequence, and Velocity for the most efficient logistic process.


  • We ensure 100% product traceability, EDI supply chain compatibility, packaging and and truck loading optimization.


  • Distributing automotive engineering services, we focus on the design and manufacturing of checking gauges and welding fixtures based on customers’ requirements and tolerances.


  • Cooperation with customers in product development, production optimization, and cost-saving proposals is a matter of course for us.

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